‘Wellbeing Lifestyle’ is an innovative way for older people to start thinking about their future requirements - financially, residentially and personally.  It is inspired by cultural changes in the perception of ageing and older people, and on actual Government plans for the future funding of pensions and care.

It is primarily, however, built around a lifestyle which encourages and assists older people to manage and look after themselves - independently. This means good food and nutrition, opportunities for ongoing learning, exercise and relaxation and, most importantly, peaceful, comfortable and enjoyable places to live.

The National Service Framework (NSF) for Older People is intended to provide a vehicle for ensuring that older people are central to the reform programme for health and social services.  

The goals of health and social care policy are to promote and extend healthy, active life, and to encourage the older population to take control of their ongoing future independence and lifestyle.

Ken Dodd supports Alan McKie